About Us

Read a little more about what Vivotein is all about.

Vivotein is on a mission to help save the world and now you can too! We are an eco- friendly company producing high quality animal feed while solving crucial environmental issues at the same time. How is this possible you may ask? Black Soldier Fly Larvae! If pet lovers, reptile breeders and livestock feeders all over the world use this incredibly nutritious grub, we could dramatically improve many global issues such as waste going to landfills, overfishing, pollution, and much more!

If you're wondering why more people don't know about this amazing species and the benefits of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, you are not alone. After conducting extensive research, we discovered that farming BSFL is a highly intricate process and proper farming methods are crucial for delivering the best product to our customers. With over twenty years of experience breeding animals and a dramatic need for green living ideas, we knew we had found the perfect opportunity. Here at Vivotein our goal is to provide the best customer service while delivering the finest live protein we can possibly offer.