We have fine-tuned the intricate art and science of rearing the flies and growing the larvae for maximum production using minimal resources.

Our team is always pushing the boundaries of nutritional content in our insects to improve the quality of all our products. Whether it’s exploring new techniques to improve our hatch-to-harvest rate or creating unique machinery to maximize production, we are constantly innovating.

Our mission is to expand throughout California, where over a third of the country’s fruits and vegetables are produced, in order to help reduce food waste in landfills and provide sustainable protein for animals.




Currently working with California State University, Northridge to set up a BSFL turnkey operation to help them eliminate their waste on campus.

Participated in the University of Southern California Wrigley Sustainability Prize and received 3rd place. Consulted the BSFL research team at the University of Southern California Wrigley Institute on their BSFL plant in Catalina Island.

Working with Sonia Sotomayor high school in Los Angeles to educate students about sustainable farming. With our BSFL donations, we are able to help teachers educate students and give their small farm animals a nutritious snack.